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 Splashy Fish on Pc

Splashy Fish Apk Download


Splashy Fish Apk Download
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Plays: 3018 Kez
Date: 13 Şubat 2014
Category: Splashy Fish Apk, Splashy Fish For Pc

Game Information:

Splashy Fish apk is ready for Android and iOs phone. Also windows phone has Splashy Fish but in the game flappy bird. As you can see and play Splashy Fish now!

When Dong Nguyen announced that Flappy Bird was ruining his life and pulled it from app stores, it seemed that lovers of horrible games may forever be left in the lurch. Not content to let that happen, Jungle Studios has launched Splashy Fish — or “Splashy Fish – The Adventure of a Flappy Tiny Bird Fish” to be exact — and gamers are already taking notice.

Splashy Fish Apk download

Splashy Fish Apk Download new game flappy bird

Splashy Fish Apk Download

Where Splashy Fish is different, however, is in its copious use of “Cheep-Cheep” sprites lifted out of Super Mario Bros. It’s the closest thing on the market to Flappy Bird, so all that’s left in its shortcut to success is getting Nintendo to not sue them.

If anything, it’s proof that Flappy Bird is like a many-headed hydra. If you cut off its head, another will grow in its place.

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